Bartley M. Lowe

Maria Howard Weeden-internationally famous artist known for her depictions of freed African Americans after the Civil War.  Howard was born in and lived in the Weeden House for 55 years.  She overcame severe near-sightedness to create amazing true-to-life pieces of art and was talented in oil paintings, watercolors and sketching.  

Bartley M. Lowe was a commission merchant and the president of the Branch Bank of Huntsville from 1839-1844. He lived in the Weeden House from 1828-1845, while his home, The Grove, was being built.

Sarah Sophia Manning Lowe

Maria Howard Weeden

Sarah Sophia Manning Lowe was the wife of Bartley Lowe and the daughter of Dr. James Manning. She lived in the Weeden House while her house, The Grove, was being built.

John McKinley was the first Alabama resident to serve on the United States Supreme Court. He lived in the Weeden House from 1824-1827 and was born in 1780. His reproduction painting hangs in the Weeden House presently because the original hangs in the Alabama State House.

John McKinley

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Doctor William Donalson Weeden is Howard's father and was a native of Baltimore, Maryland. He served in The War of 1812 and married Jane Eliza Brooks Urquhart. He purchased the Weeden House in 1845. However, he only lived here for one year as he died on a business trip to New Orleans in 1846. Howard Weeden never met her father because he died 6 months before she was born in 1847.